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The Viewer

June 27, 2016


June is Rotary Fellowships Month

7/11 Kyle Porter, CEO, Salesloft
7/18 Stephanie Blank, Chairwoman, Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students
7/25 William Pate, President, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

Our Rotary Family

6/2 Bea Garner
6/2 Peter Guentermann
6/3 Shelly-Ann Bowen
6/4 Robert Tretsch, III
6/10 Gail Wofford
6/17 Jana Harding
6/24 John Cole
6/29 Tobias Hoffmeister


6/11 Alec Smythe (37)
6/18 Patty Webb (6)
6/22 Steve Bethea, III (57)
6/28 Mac Martirossian (0)

Rotary Online


6/20 ATTENDANCE = 84%

MISSING SPOKES (42): Karla Arriola, Wade Beacham, Miriam Bell, Jack Blackmon, David Bockel, Jr., Chase Campbell, John Cole, Beth Concepción, Greg Davis, Ford Donohue, Ed Easterlin, Brian Eichenseer, Aubrey Ethridge, Kathleen Finn, Michael Halaby, Robert Hallback, III, Shelley Hammell, Jana Harding, Ann Hardy, Andy Hariton, Sharmeen Hawkins, Jackson Hill, III, Shannon Hines, Tobias Hoffmeister, Doug Horst, George Ivey, III, Donald Jackson, Peter Jensen, Fattie Johnson, Jan Johnston, Jordan Jones, Juliann Kaiser, Keeva Kase, Dan Kaufman, Dimitrios Koutsonanos, Jeff Lovejoy, Mac Martirossian, Rosa McHugh, Michelle Middlebrooks, Sean Mikula, Robby Miller, Jill Moore, Ryan Neff, Cort Neimark, Phyllis Neimark, Jimmy Paulk, Matt Pieper, Kay Quigley, Andrew Reale, Raymond Reynolds, Jr., Charlie Rigby, Jr., Bernie Santa Maria, Beth Scarboro, Andrew Senzer, Clark Seydel, Helena Solodar, Rodney Southworth, Bernard Van Der Lande, Larry Williams, Jim Wimberly, Jr., Greg Worthy, Radu Zernoveanu

Get those makeups for missed meetings in two weeks before or two weeks after your absence.


President Ty Tippett
Treasurer Sam Alston
Secretary Michael Stimpert
Foundation Amy Panos
Membership Brent Adams
Public Image Mark Johnson

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