From the District Governor
Yes, We Are Getting Our Money Back!

Eight years ago the clubs in our state voted to approve the funding to enable our Host Organizing Committee to put in a bid to host the 2017 International Convention. As you know we won the bid and for the past seven years each club member contributed $25 per year to generate the seed capital necessary to put on the Convention.

The Convention last June was a huge success, but that didn’t happen by accident. It was the result of years of hard work by a great team of Rotarians—and one of the team’s accomplishments was raising a significant amount of sponsorship money.

At PETS last weekend, Host Organizing Committee Co-chairs Robert Hall and Blake McBurney announced the Committee will be returning to the districts a minimum of 95% of the seed capital provided over these seven years.

Many people were involved in the effort, but it cannot be denied that Robert and Blake worked tirelessly for seven years to make it happen. We also must thank Atlanta Rotarian Sonny Deriso, the chair of the sponsorship committee, for his leadership and tireless efforts to raise the money that made the convention so financially successful.

The clubs should receive their allocation within the next few weeks.

Posted by Alec Smythe
February 26, 2018


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