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May 25, 2016

Club Calendar

May is Youth Service Month

6/6 Hetal Gordon, Google
6/13 Hon. Willie J. Lovett, Jr., Fulton County Juvenile Court Judge
6/20 John F. Brock, CEO, Coca-Cola Enterprises

Our Rotary Family

5/2 Kelly Green
5/2 Mike Nelson
5/6 Sam Alston
5/6 Ty Tippett
5/6 Tom Stockdale
5/8 Aadu Allpere
5/10 Richard Taylor
5/13 Mary Smith
5/15 Dimitrios Koutsonanos
5/17 Lew Brown
5/21 Ed Easterlin
5/21 Kathleen Finn
5/22 Tom Cromartie
5/23 Robby Miller
5/23 Jeff Stubbs
5/27 John Saunders


5/10 Tarby Bryant
5/21 Lew Brown

Rotary Online


5/23 ATTENDANCE = 90%

MISSING SPOKES (42): Aadu Allpere, Wade Beacham, Ed Blazer, Tarby Bryant, Jim Coleman, Michael Ehrler, Kathleen Finn, Ashley Gardner, Charlie Goldstein, Joie Hain, Michael Halaby, Shelley Hammell, Ann Hardy, Sharmeen Hawkins, Jack Hellriegel, Jackson Hill, Russ Hiner, Shannon Hines, Will House, George Ivey, Ed Jackson, Peter Jensen, Fattie Johnson, Keeva Kase, Dan Kaufman, Dimitrios Koutsonanos, Ed Lovern, Tim Marlow, Sam Massell, Rosa McHugh, Sean Mikula, Robby Miller, Mike Nelson, Dustin Olsen, Lee Anne Patterson, Matt Pieper, Kay Quigley, Allan Ray, Andrew Reale, Charlie Rigby, Sean Rosario, Bernie Santa Maria, Beth Scarboro, Clark Seydel, Mary Smith, Rodney Southworth, Tom Stockdale, Dick Stormont, Robin Suggs, JT Thomson, Robert Tretsch, Bernard Van Der Lande, Sarah Volling, Larry Williams, Hurst Williamson, Jim Wimberly, Ally Wingate, Greg Worthy, Luis Yanguas Morte, Radu Zernoveanu

Get those makeups for missed meetings in two weeks before or two weeks after your absence.

P.O. Box 12151
Atlanta, GA 30355

President Brent Adams
President-Elect Greg Davis
Immediate Past President Sam Alston
Treasurer Mark Johnson
Secretary Michael Stimpert
Foundation Chair Catherine Land-Waters
Foundation Chair Alec Smythe
Membership Chair Geoffrey Gill
Sergeant-at-Arms Peter Jensen